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Athletes and Entertainers

You’ve probably heard people say that it’s not what you make, it’s what you keep that matters, and never is that more true than when it comes to professional athletes and entertainers. In comparison to high income earners in other fields, your wealth comes more sporadically and your career is a lot more unpredictable, and you need a trusted advisor who will look after your best interests through every twist and turn. Taking into account your values and goals, we’ll help you make wise decisions so your financial future is stable and you can leave a lasting legacy for the people you care about. Some of our key services are listed below.

Financial Planning*

Investment Advisory*

Asset Protection

Cash Flow Planning

Charitable Planning

Alternative Investments

*Financial Planning offered through Jason Apolenis, Bradley Burton, Samuel Froehlich, Aaron Jones, Michael Scheeler, Matthew Worthington and Kingsley Davis affiliation with Eagle Strategies LLC, A Registered Investment Adviser.